[barcelona eviction squatted house „barrilonia“ english/spanish 22072012]

[barcelona eviction squatted house „barrilonia“ english/spanish 22072012]

„Barrilonia squat in Barcelona is evicted“

„At 7am this morning, units of riot cops carried out the eviction of the CSO Barrilonia at Rambla del Raval in Barcelona. The town hall has alleged “building deficiences” in order to evict the squat, as the legal process had not reached the trial stage yet […]“

background-informations about „barrilona“ in english:
„Raval’s landmark squat Barrilonia evicted: Another nail in the community coffin“

„[…] It was a community center. It used to host concerts, political meetings and community parties. […]
The council’s reasons for shutting the squat down are ‘structural concerns’ with the building. They used similar excuses to shut down other squats in Barcelona in the past, including la Makabra, Miles de Viviendas and Ruina Amalia. In all these cases, the squats served as community centres which hosted art classes and exhibitions, spaces for political debate and spaces to celebrate cultures. […]“

more informations in spanish:
„Una manifestació ha denunciat el desallotjament per ordre de l‘alcalde del CSO Barrilonia“

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